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About Affshin

Principal, Advisory

Affshin was born in Uganda and grew up in Vancouver Canada where he later went to the University of British Columbia to obtain his BSc in Computer Science. He got his first taste of consulting as a regional consultant. In 1999, Affshin joined Bearing Point Consulting. During his time at Bearing Point, he led multiple global projects. Shortly after becoming a Managing Director at BearingPoint, Bearing Point was acquired by PwC. In 2010, a year after joining PwC, Affshin had an opportunity to do a secondment to PwC Australia to help build their Technology and Projects team. After spending 2 years in Melbourne he came back to PwC US. Affshin is currently a principal in PwC’s Advisory practice.

Affshin's story

  • 2012 Return from Australia and accepted into PwC US Partnership
  • 2010 2 year assignment to Australia
    2009 PwC Acquires BearingPoint Commercial practice
  • 2004 Move to Seattle to be closer to family in Vancouver Canada
  • 2002 Long term assignment in Singapore
  • 1999 Join BearingPoint Consulting in Mt. View, CA


What's your best career advice?

A: At PwC, everyone has the opportunity to take their own career in many directions. The people that do take their career in their hands are the individuals that are self-motivated and seize those opportunities. As you move through your career at PwC, building your brand and your relationship base (internal and external) is critical for success.

What experiences had the biggest impact on your career development?

A: The most memorable experiences were also the most challenging experiences. These experiences include my move to Singapore, a secondment at PwC Australia to help build their Technology and Projects team, and the projects where I led global teams. These challenged me in working with people of different cultures, backgrounds, perspectives and, where I was put in a critical role and in a very different environment, I and had to push myself hard which resulted in success.

How does your background shape your perspective in your role at PwC?

A: I think having moved around and dealing with different cultures has helped me be open to change. It has allowed me a level of comfort dealing with different cultures and nationalities with an open mind and a sense of excitement. This has given me the opportunities to travel and live overseas which have been a great influence on my career.

How do you leverage flexibility at PwC?

A: I have always viewed consulting as ebbs and flows. There are always times when it is super busy and there are times when it is calmer. I have taken advantage of the calm times to reset myself, do the things that are personally important to me such that I can be ‘on’ when the crazy times hit again. I have enjoyed this since it provides variety in my life which is a critical to me for staying focused and motivated.

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