Faculty Newsletter - February 2020

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We are proud to be recognized this month by Fortune as a Best Company to Work For and Best Workplaces for Diversity.  We share insights from our US Chairman Tim Ryan based upon his recent time at the World Economic Forum. We highlight lessons learned from PwC’s Wellness Journey.  Talent Acquisition Leader Rod Adams weighs in on our Digital Journey and US Chief Commercial Officer Amity Millhiser discusses how Digital Transformation can increase workforce diversity.  We have included our 2020 Global Digital IQ Survey results, our Deals Industry Insights publication, a discussion of the impact of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), our 2020 Tax Policy Outlook and our 2020 AI Predictions survey.  Finally, check out our library of videos, webcasts and podcasts on current hot topics.

#PwCProud to be recognized by Fortune

We are proud to be a Fortune Best Company to Work For! PwC has also placed #11 on Fortune's Best Workplaces for Diversity. Five PwCers share their personal #PwCProud stories here.

Regulation, employees, climate - The discussion at Davos 2020

What was on the minds of world leaders and CEOs at Davos 2020? PwC’s US Chair and Senior Partner Tim Ryan shares takeaways from his conversations here


4 lessons learned from PwC's wellness program

Trust and communication are critical factors when setting up an employee wellness program. HR Dive shares four key findings from a study of our own journey at PwC. 

PwC's Digital Journey

Digital upskilling means changing how we work, so we can help our clients improve how they work. PwC's Talent Acquisition Leader Rod Adams shares lessons learned and underlying strategies behind our digital journey. Read more.

How to Leverage Digital Transformation To Make Workplaces More Diverse and Inclusive

Leaders must acknowledge the strategic importance of prioritizing both diversity and technology in order to achieve operational success. PwC's Chief Commercial Officer Amity Millhiser shares more in Forbes.

Deals industry insights

Q4 and full-year 2019 update: Rebound or retreat? Dealmakers navigate a hazy economic forecast as 2020 begins. Read more.

United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA): Impacts on sourcing and production investment decisions

Why the USMCA could set off a stampede - The USMCA is a trade professional’s trade agreement: page upon page detailing what it takes for a product to meet the threshold to be considered “made here” and thus qualify for low to no-tariff access to North American markets. Continue reading here.


2020 Global Digital IQ Survey 

Only 5% of companies are doing all it takes to get to payback from digital. To thrive, not just survive, you’ll need to navigate the maze of economic uncertainty and the breakneck pace of digital. See the results of our 2020 Global Digital IQ Survey.


2020 Tax Policy Outlook

Disruption, uncertainty and a lack of familiar guideposts draw a challenging landscape for the tax professional. As tax policy shifts, impacted by both US and global tax rules, the path forward becomes muddied. The complex challenge for business leaders is how to predict and lean into dramatic shifts in policy while waiting on guidance from 2017 tax reform act regulations. This uncertainty creates both challenges and opportunities. Continue reading here.

What’s “boring AI” — and how does automation help build trust in financial reporting?

Most people hear the words artificial intelligence (AI) and they conjure up either futuristic applications or scary visions of a robot-controlled tomorrow. The reality, of course, is very different. Right now, according to our 2020 AI Predictions survey, most business leaders are scaling back their AI ambitions. Where they are focused, and where they’ll see the most immediate value, is in what we call boring AI—putting automation technologies to work in more repetitive areas of business. Managing risk and automating routine tasks are their top priorities. Continue reading.

Podcasts, webcasts and videos

PwC leaders and specialists share ideas and perspectives on business challenges and opportunities. Check out our library of current podcasts, webcasts, and videos.

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