PwC Experienced Recruiting - Visa Sponsorship Eligibility

As of August 2018, the firm will not be hiring experienced job seekers who are or will be subject to the H-1B lottery, except as set forth below.

Certain groups may make exceptions to the above policy.  Experienced job seekers who will need to participate in the H-1B lottery may be considered for the following groups within PwC (please note PwC may revise these exceptions in its sole discretion at any time):


  • Cybersecurity & Privacy
  • D&AT
  • Oracle
  • Deals Strategy (Strategy& only)
  • Acceleration Centers
  • Forensics
  • Your Tomorrow (Data Scientist)


  • Audit 360
  • Innovation & Technology/ MIDA
  • Japanese Business Network
  • Risk Assurance Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  • Tampa Assurance Delivery Center
  • TS Valuation - Financial Analytics & Derivatives (FA&D)


  • Japanese Business Network
  • Human Resources Transaction Services (HRTS)


  • New Ventures
  • US IT xLOS Enterprise Integrations


  • PwC Labs - Tech Development/X

 If you have questions, please reach out to Only questions specifically related to immigration will be considered and answered.  

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