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Senior Associate,
Tax - Financial Services

Ricky is a 2009 graduate of the University of Washington’s Masters in Tax program. Upon graduation, he moved from Seattle to San Francisco to accept a full-time position at PwC. Read more about his journey.

Ricky's story

  • 2012 Promoted to Senior Associate
  • 2011 Decided to “major” in Asset Management and “minor” in video game clients
  • 2010 Branched out from Asset Management to Insurance
  • 2009 Moved from Seattle to San Francisco to start career at PwC Tax
  • 2009 Received Masters in Tax from the University of Washington

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  • Q: Tell us about why you chose PwC San Francisco.

    A: I grew up about an hour south of Seattle and then went to college in Seattle so I wanted to start my career by venturing out and moving to a new city. San Francisco and Seattle have the same West Coast vibe; Seattle is just a much smaller market, so I have had a lot of fun adjusting.

  • Q: So your career path at PwC has been a little unique, hasn’t it?

    A: Yes, I started in Tax in asset management and then in 2010 I branched out to insurance. I developed a particular interest in corporations, and I heard that there were opportunities for that in insurance. The complexities of the Tax process interested me so I jumped at the chance to help out.

  • Q: And you found a practice that was a good fit for you?

    A: I did. I took about two years exploring different options and that helped me decide what I really wanted to do. I decided to end up “majoring” in asset management and I am “minoring” in video game clients.