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Senior Associate,

Reggie was formerly an electrical engineer before attending business school in Chicago. He was first exposed to PwC when he moved to Illinois, interning during the summer of 2009 in the Global Structuring Group in Chicago and joining the firm as an Associate in 2010. Since then he has been promoted to Senior Associate and has moved home to Atlanta.

Reggie's story

  • 2012 2012 Promoted to Senior Associate, transferred to the Atlanta office
  • 2011 Served on the Leadership Board of Big Brother’s Big Sister’s of Greater Chicago
  • 2010 Joined PwC full-time, and served as co-lead for a PwC Chicago affinity group
  • 2009 Joined PwC as a summer intern in the Global Structuring Group in PwC's Chicago office
  • 2008 Accepted into business school after two years in engineering, and moved to Chicago

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  • Q: What inspired you to apply to business school and move to Chicago?

    A: I was formerly located here in Atlanta, working for an electrical contractor. I was Assistant Project Manager in charge of electrical power distribution and design but I’ve always wanted to know more about business and operations. That’s why I’m in consulting, because I like to solve problems and figure out what is seemingly impossible.

  • Q: Tell us more about your involvement with community service organizations once you started at PwC.

    A: Once I started full-time in Chicago, I relayed my interest in community service to one of the associates and told her about my experience with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. She told me if I wanted to continue with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, there was a senior associate who had just left the leadership board and that they had been looking to replace him. I couldn’t have imagined a better opportunity than to serve on the leadership board for Big Brothers/Big Sisters in Greater Chicago.

  • Q: Have you found ways to get involved with the community in Atlanta since your transfer?

    A: I started looking into organizations oriented around education. My mother was a teacher, my sister was a teacher, and my brother is currently a teacher, so it’s an important issue for me and my family. Here in Atlanta, I’m becoming more involved with organizations that approach education reform from a policy standpoint.

  • Q: What else do you like to do outside of work besides community service?

    A: I really enjoy fishing, preferably deep-sea fishing, and I’ve been taking flying lessons. I also love hanging out with my family who live in the area. Additionally, I like to work on cars or fix anything I come across that is broken.