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Senior Associate,

In 2008, Graham joined PwC as a summer intern and participated in Project Belize. The subsequent year he joined PwC full-time as an Assurance associate. He has had many professional opportunities while with the firm, such as acting as the lead on the audit team for a Fortune 200 audit client. He was recently promoted to senior associate.

Graham's story

  • 2012 Promoted to Senior Associate
  • 2011 Acted as a lead on the audit team for a Fortune 200 audit client
  • 2011 Worked on a special project for a potential acquisition
  • 2008 Joined PwC full time as an Assurance associate
  • 2008 Interned at PwC and went to Disney World as part of Launch

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  • Q: Describe your first experience as the lead on the Audit team.

    A: It was an amazing opportunity for me. I had exposure to a lot of different projects and tasks that were rare for someone of my experience level. I thrived in the audit environment and earned my stripes, if you will. To this day, I still lead the same sort of projects. To me, it was an opportunity disguised as a challenge.

  • Q: How has that opportunity impacted your career development?

    A: It has changed everything. The senior manager I worked with on that first project is exceedingly talented and intelligent, and has taught me so much. He has taken me under his wing and is constantly challenging me but supporting me at the same time. I think every single skill I learned in those three months I still draw from on a daily basis.

  • Q: What impacted you most during Project Belize?

    A: I went to Belize with 100 other interns and probably 30 staff, partners and principals, and we cleaned up neighborhoods, built a library and donated books and computers. We taught students about financial literacy, but I would argue they ended up teaching us more. It made me realize how fortunate I am and how important it is to give back.