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In 2006, Emily interned at PwC and had the opportunity to attend Launch at Disney World. In 2010, she completed a ten-week assignment in Kolkata, India in the Tax Service Delivery Center and upon her return was promoted to manager. Recently, Emily taught at National Tax trainings in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Emily's story

  • 2013 Selected to attend Project Belize
  • 2011 Taught at the National Tax Trainings in Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • 2011 Celebrated my promotion to Manager
  • 2010 Completed a 10 week rotation in Kolkata, India
  • 2006 Interned at PwC and went to Disney World as part of Launch

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  • Q: What inspired you to do a rotation in Kolkata?

    A: I was looking for a change of pace as a third-year senior and I love to travel. I received nothing but support from PwC. I spent ten weeks helping with the Tax Service Delivery Center and was able to travel throughout India and Thailand. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Q: What has had the biggest impact on your career development?

    A: I would say the people here at PwC have helped me progress the most. While PwC has certainly offered me invaluable opportunities, such as living in India and teaching at Tax trainings, those experiences would be nothing without the people and culture of PwC. I have developed professionally by just being around the caliber of people here and their support.

  • Q: How do you think PwC has helped you grow personally?

    A: I was voted the shyest person in my high school senior class. The opportunities I have had at PwC have challenged me to come out of my shell. I will be presenting in front of a group or running a conference call and think to myself, I have come so far since high school.