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Senior Associate,

Danielle is a senior associate in Core Assurance at PwC in Jacksonville, Florida. She has created a flexible work schedule to manage her responsibilities at work and at home, as a mother of two. Promoted to senior associate in 2011, her continuous recruiting efforts have positioned her to be a key recruiting contact at the firm.

Danielle's story

  • 2012 Continuous recruiting efforts have positioned me to be a key recruiting contact in my office
  • 2011 Promoted to senior associate
  • 2011 Passed the CPA exam
  • 2009 Worked with 1 infant while pregnant and meet expectations while on an informal flex schedule
  • 2008 Setup a informal flexible work schedule to meet family needs

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  • Q: How has working at PwC given you the flexibility to fulfill your responsibilities as Senior Associate and as a mother of two?

    A: I came into the firm with an eight-and-a-half-month old baby. Here in Jacksonville, our office is not very big and we know each other well. I came up with a flexible work schedule for me that would work with my team, and took the plan to my managers. They completely understood what I was asking for and they allowed me to implement the flexible schedule. I have since had another child and have been allowed to follow the same schedule to this day as a second-year senior associate.

  • Q: How did you manage studying for the CPA exam on top of going to work and taking care of your family?

    A: I started my career and family paths pretty early and didn't have my CPA finished. Finding time to prepare was difficult and I was studying from 5 AM until 6:30 AM. During car rides on the weekends, I was studying in the passenger seat. I think what helped me pass, aside from my personal motivation and ambition, was the responsibilities I have been given in a smaller office. I have accrued a lot of experience and it has taught me so much.

  • Q: What was your experience like being promoted to senior associate and working with your first public client?

    A: During my second and third year, I was able to excel and show some of my strengths as a leader. Right before the season, our senior manager left the firm, and it was just a tremendous opportunity for a first year senior to shine.

  • Q: What is it like mentoring new Associates who face similar struggles?

    A: I mentor a lot of people in our office, but there is a second year associate who just had a child who I have been guiding through flexible scheduling, passing her CPA, and finding a balance that works for her and her family. I'm coaching her through these transitions and making sure that she's getting the support from her managers.