About Colin

Senior Associate, Advisory

Colin is an experienced associate, working in Advisory. A University of Virginia graduate with a major in American Government and Politics, he was previously Student Council President at UVA, and continues to meet and talk with students on behalf of PwC.

Colin's story

  • 2012 Became certified Human Capital Strategist
  • 2011 Began tour of duty in Marketing & Sales
  • 2011 Moved to Washington D.C. and joined PwC's Public Sector Practice
  • 2011 Graduated from UVA with a degree in American Government and Politics
  • 2010 Elected student body president at the University of Virginia


Q: What have you learned from your experiences at PwC thus far?

A: I studied politics when I was in school, so coming into the Public Sector Practice I wasn't sure exactly where I could best contribute, which clients I could best serve, etc. When I started my Tour of Duty with the Public Sector Sales Team, I quickly built an appreciation for all lines of operations within the firm and a stronger understanding of the different competencies and capabilities we offer our clients. I quickly became interested and engaged in the human capital capabilities we offer our clients.

Q: What would be the best career advice you could give to a student on campus?

A: Students have the opportunity to grow, get involved in different organizations, and build new skill sets. That culture continues at a firm like PwC. It is important to continue to seize those opportunities—beginning as early as recruitment networking events.

Q: How has your career at PwC grown in ways you didn’t expect?

A: I do not think I truly understood the broad range of solutions we offer our clients. My time on the sales team has provided me the opportunity to learn our practice, our sector, and our firm. Understanding these capabilities has built a wide-ranging appreciation for business operations I could not build in a college classroom.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your career in Advisory?

A: We have a broad and diverse business model in Advisory that really targets a lot of issues our clients face. We build teams with a broad range of specialties and skill sets complemented by subject matter experts.

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