About Brittany

Associate, Advisory - Forensic Services

Brittany attended Elevate in 2009, and proceeded to intern with the firm in the Assurance sector the following year. She became a full-time employee at PwC – New York in 2011 working in Forensic Advisory. In that same year, she had the opportunity to travel to South America to work with an international client. In addition, Brittany recently spent a month working on an internal project in London to help reformat and design PwC US's New Hire Training Program.

Brittany's story

  • 2013 Worked on a client in Philadelphia as an Experienced Associate
  • 2012 Traveled to South America to conduct work on an international client
  • 2011 Graduated from Lehigh University and started full time in the Forensic Advisory practice in New York
  • 2010 Interned in the Assurance Practice in the New York office
  • 2009 Attended Elevate in Chicago as a Sophomore in College


Q: How did your participation in the Elevate impact your career today?

A: Elevate in Chicago was definitely the turning point for me. I broadened my network immensely and met so many people from all over the country. The program helped me grow as a leader and realize how much of an asset I can be to a business operation. The program solidified my passion for accounting, consulting and, of course, PwC.

Q: Describe your experience in South America.

A: I traveled to South America for a FCPA investigation for an external client. I speak intermediate Spanish, so I was able to interview clients and learn about their systems and their processes. I was charged with finding gaps in the remediation process. It was an experience I will never forget – now, I’m not afraid to speak up and suggest myself for projects, especially those that require Spanish speakers.

Q: How did you contribute to the New Hire Training Program?

A: The purpose of the program was to integrate the PwC Australia, PwC UK, and PwC US new hiring training. Currently, the PwC US New Hire Training Program is only a week in duration, but in the UK it’s actually six weeks long. I was selected along with six other Associates and Senior Associates from across the United States to go through the PwC UK program as if I were a new hire. We each kept a journal and recorded what we liked and didn't like about the program to help design a two-week program that will be offered next year at PwC US.

Q: What do you think has had the biggest impact on your career?

A: My first project travelling to South America probably had the biggest impact on my career. I had never traveled for business before, and to be on an international project interviewing clients for the first time in a different language was definitely a challenge. I truly challenged myself and grew both intellectually and professionally.

Q: How have you given back to the community?

A: Through PwC, I had the opportunity to get involved with Junior Achievement Teach for a Day. I went to a school in Brooklyn and focused on teaching second graders about managing money. I organized a game where everyone is at a pet store, and each child had a job and a role. I really enjoyed it and try to get involved in as much community service as I can.

Q: How do you think you are growing as a leader?

A: I think that PwC gives you the opportunity to speak up. So far I’ve been able to pursue everything that I’ve dreamt of pursuing. In my opinion, just being able to work in different groups and environments and getting involved really enables you to become a leader.

Q: What do you like to do outside of the office?

A: I used to dance throughout high school and college, so on the weekends I usually take a lot of dance classes at a dance center in the city. I enjoy contemporary and modern dance. 

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