About Angela

Senior Associate, Advisory - Forensic Services

Angela is a senior associate in PwC Advisory's Forensics Services practice. Angela started her PwC career as an associate in Assurance in San Francisco and became a licensed CPA and CFE back in 2010. She also participated in a three month rotation in Advisory's Forensic Services group shortly after beginning her career in Assurance, which prompted Angela to switch lines of service from Assurance to Advisory. Angela enjoys working out and looks forward to competing in an Ironman 70.3 one day.

Angela's story

  • 2012 Began campus sourcing rotation
  • 2011 Transferred into Forensics, promoted to senior associate, attended Discover, a Senior Leadership Development Milestone Program program
  • 2010 Because a licensed CPA and CFE, participated in a Forensic Services rotation
  • 2009 - 2010 Participated as co-chair of the San Francisco Market Assurance associate Advisory Council
  • 2008 Graduated UC Berkeley, began PwC career as an Assurance associate in San Francisco


Q: How did PwC help you switch your Line of Service from Assurance to Advisory?

A: PwC cares about supporting its people to help them develop their careers - and I experienced this when I made the transition from Assurance to Advisory. I had conversations with my coach about my desire to make a career change and I was supported fully in my decision and given the resources, tools and practical advice I needed to help make it happen. I felt rewarded for taking ownership of my career, and I share the advice with others to do the same. If you let others know what kind of projects you want to get involved with, or in what direction you want your career to head, and you do the legwork necessary, it will help you obtain the career and opportunities you want.

Q: How has working in Forensics Services challenged you?

A: Working in Forensics has helped me grow immensely. I’ve worked on a variety of projects and being able to problem solve in an unstructured framework is critical to being successful. This provides a continuous challenge for me, but it allows me to exercise creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Q: How have you been able to balance your work and your life outside PwC?

A: A couple of years ago I did my first triathlon and last year I ran my first half marathon. Running has always been my weakest part of the triathlon, so if I can get a few more half marathons under my belt, I’d feel ready to take on an Ironman 70.3 (1.2 miles swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run).

Staying healthy and being active has always been a top priority of mine and my engagement teams know this. For instance, running and getting to the gym - I try to go probably four to five times a week. I've been able to manage both my work and personal priorities by staying organized, working hard and communicating to my teams what’s important to me.

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