Federal capital projects & infrastructure

Working with commercial and federal together is where PwC translates and transfers our commercial learnings into the federal environment, identifying best practices, key trends and practical solutions for federal real property development and transportation capital projects. We help our federal clients to create dashboards including performance metrics and measures with details as to how they compare to other similar entities across many areas including:

  • construction design and oversight
  • asset management
  • asset disposal
  • cost reduction
  • investment frameworks
  • business disaster planning
Federal real property: right-sizing portfolios

Rick Rodman
Principal, Capital projects & infrastructure (Federal)
McLean, VA
Tel: +1 (703) 918-1007
Invest in transportation: an international study on investment frameworks

Peter Raymond
US Leader, Capital projects & infrastructure
McLean, VA
Tel: +1 (703) 918 1580
Disaster planning and recovery for vital infrastructure

John Saad
Principal, CP&I Federal (Disaster Recovery)
McLean, VA
Tel: +1 (703) 918-1012
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PwC enables performance improvement in capital projects, real estate, and facilities across a broad and diverse Federal client set. Our solutions range from the strategic to the tactical and include such high impact engagements as budget formulation; major project planning and oversight; core real estate and financial management process design; and enterprise information technology strategies and implementation. We blend an industry leading expertise in real estate and capital projects with a deep understanding of the Federal budgetary process and compliance regimes to drive dramatic financial and operational performance improvement.

With changing regulation and increasing direction to reduce costs by disposing of excess federal real property, managers of federal buildings have a number of policies and executive orders to follow in areas such as asset management, real property, and sustainability. And, our clients not only need to keep up with executive orders, they want to improve performance and drive change in marketplace. The sustainability area provides an excellent example of this; the federal government provides tax deductions to departments that improve the energy of their buildings. PwC is well positioned to help our clients put up high performance green buildings to drive success.