Value consulting: Analyzing the value of strategic decisions

December 2013

Strategic initiatives undertaken at today’s most successful organizations often share two common goals: increasing value and mitigating risk. But how much value should you expect from investing in additional resources, negotiating strategic agreements or launching a new business venture? Could other alternatives deliver greater value? How do you link shareholder value to strategic goals and business performance?

Answering these questions requires a deeper understanding of the value, risks and opportunities of major decisions. It also requires quantifying your alternatives to build consensus regarding strategic direction and outline a clearer path toward accomplishing your goals as the uncertain future unfolds.

How PwC can help

PwC’s Value Consulting specialists combine the art and science of decision analysis with a deep understanding of corporate finance to assist our clients. Our goal is to provide the tools, methodologies and advice needed to improve strategic decision making. We apply tested analytical approaches and business knowledge to create frameworks that capture the important link between strategy and valuation.

Our models capture the value of optionality. We also have specialized experience incorporating non-financial metrics such as employee engagement, corporate reputation and health and safety in our analysis. The result is that we can help you quantify the value of difficult to measure investments and other corporate projects, thereby adding to management’s decision tool kit.

For more information, contact Pedro Santos or download a PDF describing our Value Consulting approach in more detail.

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