Integrated financial statement audits

Simplifying the audit through innovation

Innovation is imperative

Innovation is imperative to managing the complexities of a business and being successful in any given environment.

At PwC we’re investing in leading-edge technology, significant process improvements, and leadership and performance development for our people.

We’re ushering in an enhanced way of auditing that’s delivering high quality and unique insights to our clients.

PwC Wins 2017 Audit Innovation of the Year 

We're proud to have been recognized for the second year running with the prestigious Audit Innovation of the Year award by the International Accounting Bulletin.

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PwC audit – people approach and technology

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Video: Simplifying the audit through innovation

Confidence in the future

Explore discussions and points of view from our global Confidence in the future series.

How tomorrow’s technologies can help the finance function of today

We provide a practical perspective clarifying emerging technology’s role in the context of finance executives' pain points, whether it’s higher productivity in the finance function or improved working capital management; lower cost of compliance or higher quality assurance with stakeholders; stronger strategic planning or painless budgeting. Learn what’s here today - and what the finance function should do today to prepare for the future.

Emerging technology and the finance function

Tomorrow’s world: a revolution begins

Companies and other decision-makers use information to navigate through a complex world of risks and opportunities, amid technological advances that are unprecedented in their speed and impact. The world of information and trust is being revolutionised. What do companies and stakeholders need to consider to secure their place in tomorrow’s world?

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Confidence in the future: Human and machine collaboration in the audit

Future uses of technology in the audit promise to be transformative. We look at how auditors are experimenting with automation today and we look ahead to imagine how emerging technologies will enhance the audit of the future.

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And see what the media is saying: Data, Data! Key to Auditors (Bloomberg BNA). For additional coverage, visit our US Assurance press room.



“As Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible to move toward auditing 100% of data, rather than samples of it, auditors will be empowered to study the totality of a business in an efficient manner.”

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Financial Statement Audits, CFO, February 2017

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