PDP's Customized and Tailored Training Solutions

When it comes to training, it’s important to cover the basics and set a good foundation. However, only covering the basics or “check-the-box” solutions could leave your people short on skills as the content often lacks the connection back to their specific job roles and responsibilities. When learners can’t connect the training content back to their daily responsibilities they are often unable to apply the new knowledge they received.

Repeat, repeat and repeat—To help make the most of your training investment, content should be reinforced, updated and delivered annually or on a recurring basis. This reinforcement concept helps support or increase the learner’s ability to comprehend and apply the training content.

Getting specific—Often by adding or supplementing your off-the-shelf/“check-the-box” training strategy with solutions tailored and customized to your organization’s unique needs you can create more opportunities for your people to gain the skills they need to perform and develop in their roles. By giving your people the skills they need to feel and perform successfully they can be better positioned and motivated to help their organization achieve the goals you’ve established.

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  • Conveniently hosted on-site at your office or desired location, typically for audiences 10 or more
  • Delivered and/or developed by PwC subject matter specialists
  • Tailored or Customized training options provide flexible, cost effective and uniquely designed solutions to help you meet your training needs
  • Needs assessment services designed to help you identify where you have specific skill or learning gaps
  • Post course evaluation services help you confirm development progress and/or identify new learning needs.

Customized Training Solution

Role based to help improve performance and skills

Learning needs assessment
Walking through strategically selected questions, PDP specialists get to the heart of your learning needs. By helping you determine the current skill level among your talent pool and helping you compare against the skills you want to see in your people, we assist you with pinpointing skill gaps and provide a recommended training plan or next course of action.

Customized training development
Designed specifically around your identified learning needs PDP specialists work with you and your team of subject matter specialists to develop a training customized to support your desired outcomes or learning objectives.

Post course evaluation
Following your customized training session an optional post-course evaluation can be performed to pulse your audience, confirm developmental progress and identify new learning needs

Tailored Training Solution

A flexible and cost effective way to help include

Leveraging course content from our 2015 Course Catalog we work with you to infuse a low-moderate level of content tailoring intended on making the content more relevant to your organization. Our PwC Subject Matter Specialists ("SMSs") deliver the content supplemented by your SMSs to assist with specific interpretation and application of the content to your policies, procedures or organization. The inclusion of organization specific examples and discussion points that link back to real-world scenarios help increase the overall effectiveness of the course and provide your participants a better sense of how to apply generic content in their day-to-day responsibilities.

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