PwC's Professional Development Program 2014 Annual Publication

The Professional Development Program 2014 catalogue
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Helping you close the skill gap challenges affecting your talent

PwC’s Professional Development Program (PDP) is pleased to present the 2014 annual seminar schedule, curriculum and service summary.

For the past six years, CEOs have ranked talent among the top issues listed on their short and long term agendas, however during those six years very little has changed and talent remains a top issue or concern for many executives. Challenges brought by changes in workforce demographics and economic struggles created tighter budgets for many organizations, specifically in the area of training or workforce development. Despite a decrease in spending, organizations acknowledge the importance of investing in their talent management strategy if they want to be innovative, grow and remain competitive; however, they also acknowledge they aren’t sure how to properly invest in their talent and overcome or tackle some of the problems they face. The lack of key skills, or skill gap issue, is becoming a bigger threat every day as many organizations do not have the right mix of talent to execute their business strategies efficiently and effectively. By properly evaluating, developing and aligning a learning strategy with the overall business strategy, organizations can streamline training costs and recognize increases in employee motivation, performance and accountability. PDP has been serving training needs of our clients for over 25 years and we continue to evolve and expand our suite of services and learning solutions each year to respond to your needs. The Program currently offers services including: skill/knowledge gap assessment, learning path development, customized training development and performance improvement evaluation solutions. As part of our customized on-site learning solutions, we work with you to create a tailored program designed to align with your business strategies and goals. The result is improved performance, motivation and skill gap closure while maximizing more of your training investment.

We have also expanded our library of courses and virtual solutions to address current industry issues in direct response to your feedback. We continue to value our relationship with you and very much look forward to serving your learning needs this year. We thank you for your interest and participation in the PDP.