PwC's Professional Development Program 2016 Annual Publication

Bridging the Skill Gap Issue 

PwC’s Professional Development Program (PDP) is pleased to present our 2016 strategic training publication. Looking back at 2015, we noticed an up-tick in the number of organizations outsourcing a portion, or all, of their training development and delivery to external service providers. Many are seeking to leverage this model as it reduces the infrastructure requirements of the learning and development function, provides greater access to subject matter specialists, increases development and delivery speeds and reduces the burden often placed on key organizational resources who “wear a learning hat” in addition to their day-to-day roles/responsibilities.

While more funding was allocated to outsourced training activities last year, we still hear a large number of organizations refer to training as a cost rather than an investment made in support of their employee’s growth and the overall corporate strategy. We find when organizations change their perception of training and think of it as an investment in their biggest asset—people, it positions training as a business imperative, supports spending on training initiatives and creates a culture where people feel valued and supported to grow themselves professionally. In order for organizations to meet their goals and objectives their talent must be properly developed and trained—not just millennials and the next generation of leaders but all levels in the organization based on existing skill gaps and risks which needs to be mitigated. Risk is not an area often associated with training but it should be, as organizations assess the true “cost” of omitting or not properly investing in training. Some of these “costs” include reputation risk, weakened controls, exposure to regulatory fines or infractions, poor employee engagement and high turnover. Forward thinking organizations who successfully support their talent initiatives do so with strategic and targeted training designed to close skill gaps and increase technical, functional or role-based knowledge that is applied on-the-job and supported by leadership and coaches both in and out of the classroom.

Leveraging 30 years of experience and knowledge, PDP continues to grow and support the training needs of our clients. Our goal continues to be your chosen learning strategy and training consultant. We’re continually looking for new and exciting ways to assist you with your training strategy and provide you a suite of training related services including role-based and technical needs assessments, learning path development, review of training curricula, development of customized performance improvement and role-based training, train-the-trainer and post course performance evaluation solutions. To help you maximize your training investment we can help you prioritize your learning strategy, develop short and/or long-term plans that support your training goals, develop courses designed to close skill gaps and work within your budget.

We value our relationship with you and look forward to serving your learning needs this year. We thank you for your interest in PwC’s Professional Development Program.