Hospitality & leisure publications

Manhattan Lodging Index - Q4 2015

March 2016

PwC’s Manhattan Lodging Index provides updates on Manhattan’s lodging market, widely used by lodging brands, developers, and owners.

Hospitality Directions - May 2016

May 2016

Outlook for the year softens, as Q1 underwhelms.

3things to know: Newly Permitted Skill-Based Games for Casinos

February 2016

Nevada Senate Bill 9 permits casinos to offer games of skill, creating a new and potentially lucrative market. This report highlights three things you need to know to capitalize on this regulatory change.

Hotel Loyalty - What’s driving customer loyalty for today’s hotel brands?

March 2016

PwC takes a fresh look at today’s traveler to understand how their preferences are influencing investment priorities for the world’s leading hotel loyalty programs.

Hospitality Directions US: Spotlight on connected devices

August 2015

Digital savvy, connected guests expect a seamless experience. Hotels are formulating their mobile strategy to deepen their knowledge of customer preferences and tap into an engine for growth.