The market for marina facilities is increasing as a result of both consumer demand and the growing number of mixed-use resort projects that include marinas. The marina component of a mixed-use project establishes or enhances the image of the marketing and operational development and provides much of its appeal. Also, due to the capital-intensive nature of marinas, decisions regarding size, scale and support facilities are made early in the development process.

To help our clients evaluate and implement solutions to these and other challenges, PwC teams provide advisory services to marina companies, marina builders, industry associations, governments, prospective investors and lenders. 

If this is your situation

  • Your organization needs to study the competitive market environment for marinas in a specific region.
  • You want to analyze boating industry trends prior to designing new facilities or reconfiguring the layout of an existing marina.
  • You are implementing a marina slip sales plan and need to better understand the marina's potential market positioning.
  • You are evaluating the economic impact of boating activity within a defined market area.
  • You need to understand the viability of the marina component of a mixed-use resort development.
  • You need assistance with market due diligence in relation to acquisition or disposition of one or more marina assets.
  • Your organization is negotiating the contract terms of a marina management agreement.

How PwC can help you

Your organization can benefit from the industry knowledge, global resources and sound discipline of PwC's Hospitality & Leisure practice. In addition to our strength in economic analysis, our marina professionals possess considerable experience in analyzing marina design and leading industry practice studies, identifying new markets and assessing market positioning, and examining growth markets in terms of potential demographic impact as the population of consumers with more leisure time and income continues to expand.

Our operational, market and financial services experience in the marina industry can benefit your organization in a variety of ways, including:

  • Market research
    We assist clients in evaluating the market for a marina as part of a mixed-use resort development. Our approach includes a qualitative evaluation of comparable facilities in the market area; research on boat movements, boat profiles and home porting in facilities in the market area; and an analysis of generators of boating demand, seasonality of demand, dockage rates, and revenue from ancillary services. Based on our research and analyses, we provide recommendations on the appropriate market positioning of a proposed marina and estimates of future utilization based on the seasonality of the market, the types of vessels present in the market and the movement of vessels in the market area.
  • Facility programming
    Based on our market research, we recommend facilities programs for marinas, including number and mix of slips, ancillary services and support facilities.
  • Pricing strategy
    We evaluate marinas’ existing or contemplated pricing strategies for slip rentals and ancillary services, and we identify potential changes to market positioning.
  • Financial analysis
    Our consultants estimate revenues and expenses, including slip occupancy, average slip rate (daily, weekly, monthly) and revenues from ancillary services such as fuel, electricity, water, ice and miscellaneous retail. Based on operating metrics observed in the market, we provide estimates of operating expenses, including cost of sales, payroll, administrative and general, marketing, maintenance, utilities, insurance, management fees, property taxes, insurance and capital reserves.

Solving complex business problems

The financial, strategic and tactical skills of our marina professionals, combined with the full-service resources of our global firm, give us a unique ability to analyze relevant information, solve complex problems and, ultimately, assist our clients in making good business decisions.

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