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Hospitality Directions: November 2017

Harvey and Irma recovery efforts boost lodging industry performance in the third quarter.

Nine months into the new administration, the US lodging industry and broader economy appear to have shrugged off worries of any initial disruption to the economy. Though initial expectations of broad-based economic stimulus, regulatory reform, and tax policy reform have been significantly tempered, underlying macroeconomic conditions, such as consumer spending and employment remain solid.

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Serving the hospitality and leisure industry

PwC professionals offer specialized experience in the hospitality and leisure industry including:

Lodging Industry

Hotels and other lodging businesses are among the most complex types of investments. Whether you are:

  • placing debt,
  • investing equity, or
  • entering into a franchise or management relationship,

understanding the underlying dynamics of supply, demand and pricing is critical to making informed decisions and affects the success of investors, lenders, operators and hotel companies. To help meet these and other challenges, PwC teams help you make profitable, educated decisions.

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Casino Gaming Industry

The financial, strategic and tactical skills of our casino gaming professionals, combined with the full service resources of a global firm, give us the unique ability to analyze relevant information, solve complex problems and ultimately assist our clients in making sound business decisions. Services we provide include:

  • demand and competitor research;
  • dispute analysis;
  • due diligence;
  • economic impact;
  • market and financial analysis;
  • license proposals and presentations;
  • corporate strategy; and,
  • regulatory support.

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Convention Centers

The specialists in PwC's hospitality & leisure practice have unparalleled experience in the complexities of:

  • convention center development;
  • financing;
  • marketing; and,
  • operations.

Our professionals provide focused services that address the specific challenges associated with the convention industry.

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Cruise Industry

One of the fastest growing leisure industries, the cruise industry faces many challenges. While supply continues to grow at double-digit levels, demand struggles to keep pace. To help our clients meet these and other challenges, PwC teams provide advisory services to:

  • cruise companies
  • industry associations
  • governments
  • destinations
  • prospective investors and lenders

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The market for marina facilities is increasing as a result of both consumer demand and the growing number of mixed-use resort projects.  Our marina professionals possess considerable experience in:

  • market research;
  • facility programming;
  • pricing strategy; and,
  • financial analysis.

PwC teams help marina companies, marina builders, industry associations, governments, prospective investors and lenders evaluate and implement solutions.

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Sports Facilities & Teams

PwC’s hospitality & leisure practice includes experienced sports industry professionals who lead the way in providing focused services to address the challenges associated with this unique and complex industry. Our specialists provide guidance for:

  • transactions;
  • development; and,
  • operational enhancement. 

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Travel and Tourism

PwC's hospitality & leisure practice includes specialists providing research and planning services to assist clients with:

  • development;
  • strategic planning; and,
  • promotion of destinations and attractions serving the travel and tourism industries.

With tourism professionals located throughout the United States and in major cities around the world, our teams distinguish themselves by their extensive regional market knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to local, regional and international issues and assignments.

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Vacation Ownership

Vacation ownership is one of the most evolving and profitable ​sectors ​with​in ​the ​hospitality and leisure​ industry​. PwC​'s​ ​hospitality & leisure practice includes specialists assist clients with:

  • ​econometric and statistical research;
  • market and demand analysis;
  • ​product development;
  • site evaluations;
  • industry trends;
  • product positioning;
  • financial modeling; and,
  • organizational and management structuring.

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How PwC can help

PwC has a global team of multidisciplinary professionals providing services to the hospitality and leisure industry, including:

●      Economic impact

●      Franchise & management selection assistance & negotiation

●      Lease structuring

●      Litigation & arbitration

●      Lodging asset monitoring & asset management

●      Market positioning & repositioning

●      Profit improvement

●      Research

●      Transaction services

●      Valuation & appraisal

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