Doing business in Asia Pacific 2016-17

Thriving in a slow-growth world

Economies on both sides of the Pacific have been among the greatest beneficiaries of trade openness. Today Asia Pacific CEOs are planning for a future where data is as valuable as low tariffs and attractive markets are the ones with deep talent pools and the right policy environment as well as growing customer demand.


PwC’s 2016 APEC CEO Survey top findings

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What drives cross border investment

There was a time when fast-growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region were enough to entice investors to make big bets there. Not anymore. Our findings from the latest survey of more than 1,100 executives operating in the region suggest that business investment is now more likely to flow to economies with the right policy environment and talent pools as well as growth prospects. That’s what we mean by Growth+. A companion PwC study to the CEO Survey shows that APEC economies have some of the best cross-border business environments in the world, but the rest of the world is catching up in important areas.

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Doing business in China

Less than 5%? More than 7%? Executives in China hold widely different views on the pace of GDP growth over the next three years. Yet they’re largely aligned on what the hard-to-read environment calls for to compete. Chinese and foreign executives alike plan to work within partnerships, build up their brands and find ways to expand beyond coastal mega cities.

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New wave of adoptions to push connected devices to center of business in Asia Pacific

Where else will businesses deploy connected devices like cameras or sensors? A new survey shows that a core set of businesses in Asia Pacific are already collecting near real-time data from at least four places, like machinery, cash registers or their products. These heavy users are in every major sector and their CEOs are planning digital upgrades in more parts of their organizations over the next three years. At the same time, today’s light adopters also plan to step up collection, albeit at a slower pace. Devices that help track end consumer preferences will see the most growth.

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Where are Asia Pacific CEOs most confident?

Learn how CEOs in over 10 APEC economies view their prospects for revenue growth, cross border investments and the Internet of Things.

APEC economy findings


In their own words

CEOs share outlooks for their industries, the Asia Pacific region, a changing China and how trade policy trends impact their business. Learn what CEOs in finance, mining, consumer goods, technology, and more think will unfold in Asia Pacific and the Americas in 2016-17.

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David Toua

President, Business Council of Papua New Guinea and General Manager Corporate Affairs, Steamships 
(Papua New Guinea)

Public-private dialogues in APEC. What’s on the agenda?

Throughout the year, APEC brings industry leaders and regional ministers together to help break down the barriers to sustainable economic growth and opportunity for all. In 2016, PwC joined the dialogues on food security, finance, mining and trade. What was discussed? We’re reporting on the top issues and solutions.

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Home to the world’s largest food producers, importers and exporters, the Asia-Pacific region presents important market opportunities and diverse challenges for the food industry.

APEC food industry perspectives


PwC @ APEC CEO Summit


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The DNA of global growth


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Growth, inclusion and women empowerment


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Connectivity: The new trends that shorten distances

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is the premier economic forum for the region. Its primary goal is to support sustainable economic growth and prosperity in region. PwC supports this goal by conducting research, sharing insights and facilitating public-private sector dialogues in food security, infrastructure development and international trade and investment. We are proud to be Knowledge Partner to the APEC CEO Summit 2016.

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