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As a member of the PwC US Alumni Network, you have access to learning and development opportunities, exclusive networking programs, firm sponsored CPE webcasts, PwC insights, and thought leadership.

Click here to update your alumni profile, or visit, and follow the steps below:

  1. A new window will open revealing the PwC Subscription Management site. Enter your non-PwC email address in the box provided and click "Submit"
  2. An email from PwC eMarketing will arrive in the email inbox you just provided. Open the email and click on the link located in the second paragraph
  3. The PwC Subscription Management site will open. Enter your non-PwC email again for verification and click "Submit"
  4. Review your profile, make any necessary changes, and click "Save profile"
  5. To manage your PwC subscriptions, click on the "Manage subscriptions" link at the top of the page. Alumni subscription can be found in the tab labeled "PwC's alumni"