“We understand the value of technology and use it in every aspect of our organization. Another reason we have a strong Digital IQ is because our CEO is very involved.”
IT Executive, Technology, USA

Technology industry has the highest Digital IQ at 87%

Here’s what we learned from our Digital IQ respondents:

  • The Technology industry leads in Digital IQ. 87% of technology executives rated their companies as having a strong or very strong Digital IQ, compared with an average rating of 63%.

  • Protecting intellectual property and customer data is a top concern. 79% of technology companies were extremely or very concerned about this threat to growth—yet only 57% had taken steps to address IP and data protection in corporate strategies.

  • The crucial CIO-CMO relationship lags behind most industries. Just 46% of Technology leaders reported a strong relationship between the CIO and CMO, ranking at bottom of the pack.

Digital IQ distribution by industry

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