“We are at the forefront of using technology for clinical documentation, analytics, quality improvement, and patient engagement.”
IT Executive, Healthcare, USA

How digital is the Healthcare industry?

Here’s what we learned from our Digital IQ respondents:

  • Healthcare CEOs are active champions. At 82%, Healthcare organizations lead their peers from other industries in rating their CEOs as active champions in the use of information technology to achieve their strategy. The average across all industries was 71%. A digital CEO is one of the 5 behaviors important to raising an organization’s Digital IQ.

  • The C-Suite is having digital conversations. The CIO-CMO relationship in Healthcare organizations was among the strongest across all industries at 59% compared to the overall average of 51%. This relationship is another key behavior in determining an organization’s Digital IQ.

  • Healthcare companies concerned about data protection. Healthcare companies registered the highest level of concern over their inability to protect intellectual property and customer data; 62% say they are doing a good job of addressing this threat in their corporate strategies.
Healthcare CEOs actively champion digital

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