Digital IQ research on digital technology issues

Topic briefs
Data and insights on technology issues from the 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey
Five factors leading to a successful digital business

Digital IQ research on digital technology issues

How do we use digital technology to improve products and services, create new ones, or change our business models?

A company’s Digital IQ is the measure of how well it understands the value of technology and weaves it into the fabric of the organization. The Digital IQ Snapshot series provides data and insight from the 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey about the strategic use of digital technology in boosting business performance.

Just how important is raising your Digital IQ? Consider the sizable investment your organization is making in digital technology. Understanding what it takes to extract real value from that investment could very well position your business to outrun the competition.

Each Digital IQ topic brief will dive into data from the Digital IQ Survey and provide insight on how to maximize the value of digital technology across the business.

CIO-CMO partnership

Only 51% of respondents rated the CIO-CMO relationship as strong—among the lowest in the entire C-Suite

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Sensors and the Internet of Things

Sensor investments are an early >indicator of the Internet of Thing’s progress

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Innovating at the Speed of Disruption

A dedicated approach to innovation can help outpace digital disruption

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What is HR's role in your business strategy?

HR leaders are increasingly using technology to advance their organizations’ strategic talent goals.

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The New IT Platform

The gap between business and IT is growing wider. The New IT Platform can help bridge that gap.

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