The CIO-CMO partnership: the power and potential to transform the enterprise

CIO-CMO partnership
Only 51% of respondents rated the
CIO-CMO relationship as strong
—among the lowest in the entire
Five factors leading to a successful digital business

The CIO-CMO partnership: the power and potential to transform the enterprise

Developing a strong partnership between the CIO and CMO is critical to successfully incorporating digital technology into the enterprise. To bridge the growing gap between business and IT,CIOs and CMOs need to align strategic roadmaps, goals and metrics.

Our 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey identified a strong CIO–CMO partnership as one of the five critical factors to maximizing your technology investments.

In our survey, 70% of companies in the top quartile for revenue growth, profitability, and innovation had strong relationships between the CIO and the CMO.

Yet only 51% of companies reported it as strong. The CIO’s relationship with the CMO was rated among the weakest in the entire C-Suite.

How can the relationship between the CIO and CMO be strengthened?

  • Begin with shared goals and metrics. Then get explicit agreement between the CIO and CMO as to who owns each initiative, the role each function will take on, when and how they are expected to work together, and how mutual success will be measured.
  • Rethink IT’s role. Look at how a New IT Platform and digital operating model can foster collaboration.
  • Review each of the major planned and inflight initiatives in both marketing’s and IT’s portfolios. Look for opportunities to get each other’s perspectives and revise priorities, plans, and involvement.

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