Videoquake 2.0: Feeling the effects of the videoquake and changes in how we consume video content

December 2014

Spotlight on video content

Increasingly, consumers are rethinking how they access video content, with more and more people subscribing to direct-to-consumer online streaming services, on-demand and alternative forms of television -- and moving away from the bundle. As a result, the dynamics of consumption are changing. The research and the underlying behavioral shifts are in essence a wakeup call not just for cinemas and film studios, but also for traditional cable and satellite players and anyone involved in video content production and distribution.


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About the Consumer Intelligence Series

Consumer Intelligence Series, now in its 7th year, is PwC's ongoing consumer focused research through which we gain directional insights on consumer attitudes and behaviors in the rapidly changing media and technology landscape. Our findings reflect the intersection between an online survey to over 1,000 respondents, a series of focus groups, immersion sessions with industry specialists and an online listening campaign.

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