Client case studies | Virtual services add value to engagement

PwC’s Virtual Business Office meets challenges of massive revenue cycle implementation project.

Implementing and integrating new revenue cycle software is always daunting, but when a multi-hospital, statewide health system that employs thousands of local physi­cians undertakes such a task, the stakes are especially high. The process is further compli­cated when that health system selects two dif­ferent vendors for its front-end and back-end solutions. Such a health system approached us three years ago and asked for our help in select­ing a vendor and implementing and supporting an enterprise-wide revenue cycle system.

We have assisted the health system throughout each stage of its revenue cycle implementation process, from vendor selection to post-go-live support. The multi-year engagement has drawn on our strengths in the industry, par­ticularly in allocating and designating talent and scarce resources. Together, our Virtual Business Office (VBO) and Virtual Testing Center (VTC) allowed us to provide our client with affordable, efficient, and specialized services tailored to the health system’s unique needs. Specific tasks we provided through our virtual services included script testing, integration and conversion testing, training scenarios, and password resetting.

In the initial go-live phase, we helped the health system convert and transfer information on nearly three million patients in its medical practices. In subsequent go-live phases, we will help convert appointment information for up to 200 medical groups. The multiple hospitals that make up the health system will go live after the medical groups.

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