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Feb 15, 2015

Transforming procurement to improve global performance

An international beverage producer established a world-class procurement operating model to centralize its information management and meet its regional challenges.

Client’s issue

To re-imagine procurement on a global scale by:

  • Creating a single integrated global procurement organization
  • ocusing on transactional finance, technology, and business processes
  • Understanding the impact of tax policies

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PwC’s solution

Build a new foundation for global procurement processes by:

  • Deploying a cross-functional team to focus on Procurement, Supply Chain, Tax, Legal, Change Management, and more
  • Designing, confirming, and helping to implement a single global procurement process

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Impact on client’s business

  • The project over delivered on its expected cost savings by 200 percent
  • The company has achieved an impressive ROI
  • It has successfully completed a cultural shift as it learns to operate with a truly global finance model for the first time 

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"We ultimately proposed a hybrid future operating model featuring both Center Led and Buy Sell processes."


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