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Jun 01, 2013

Transforming the customer experience

A large financial services firm needed to consolidate more than six different customer relationship management systems to improve visibility and enhance client value.

Client challenge

A multibillion-dollar global financial services institution needed to establish a single customer relationship management (CRM) program across three of its business units in order to rationalize its processes and platforms and implement a more unified view of its clients. With six different CRM systems in place, sales teams from different business units had no way to get an overall picture of the firm’s relationships with its clients. Additionally, the maintenance costs of so many systems were prohibitive. The bank needed a CRM overhaul.

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PwC's solution

Business unit leaders knew that a single comprehensive CRM solution that still allowed some regional and business unit customization would improve common client reporting, increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, improve sales productivity, and cut maintenance costs. The ideal platform would be more user-friendly, faster, and more flexible. Putting it in place would result in a significant business transformation.

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Impact on client's business

PwC worked with the client to initiate a long-term transformational effort that called upon our expertise in change management to create long-lasting and meaningful improvements to the bank’s way of doing business. We worked with the bank to enable it to develop and deepen its client relationships by providing its sales teams easy-to-use, well-integrated tools and relevant, timely, and actionable information.

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