Client case studies | Zero to sixty in Fusion Talent Management

Developing best practices in talent management in a 13-week engagement.

A global leader in high performance computing (HPC), under new executive leadership, discovered a discrepancy between individual employee performance and overall organizational performance.

The existing individual annual performance rating system included a two-fold measurement approach: a 75 percent weighted basis on competencies, and the remaining 25 percent for setting and meeting goals for the year. The company did not emphasize goal setting, so there was no way to accurately measure whether an employee met his or her goals throughout the year.

The company engaged PwC to help it redesign its current process, as well as implement a new talent management solution. To meet the CEO’s timeline, we recommended a 13-week approach for the implementation, which included go-live production support efforts. While the typical design methods were simplified for this mid-market client, the company’s needs and requirements were met by utilizing most of the system’s seeded functionality.

The implementation was successful, and the production environment went live on schedule. Employees were able to set annual goals early enough so that they were incorporated into their review. As a result of the project, the annual review process was redesigned so that the emphasis on goals was increased from 25 percent of the calculation to 75 percent, and the individual’s competencies were reduced from 75 percent to 25 percent.

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