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Software development transformed

To address a lagging market position, a leading software brand reinvented its flagship product.

Client challenge

For the first time, a software brand with a leading market position began to lose its strong standing against key competitors. Its technology had reached a natural end of-life, and it did not have the skills, processes, or experience to successfully re-platform it alone. The company determined that its flagship product needed to change to strengthen its market position, and it needed to embrace emerging management and product development trends as part of the process. The company needed an end-to-end transformation of its software development process, including strategic visioning, product planning, software development and project management.


PwC's solution

PwC’s long-standing relationship with the client led to discussions with the Vice Presidents of Development and Engineering about how PwC could help develop a strategy to transform the company’s software development efforts. The client wanted to own all changes, but recognized that it needed an infusion of skills and experiences to make it happen. Over time, more than 60 PwC consultants and developers from the firm’s Financial Services, Products and Services, Application Strategy and Integration, and Operational Consulting teams worked closely with 300 people from the client to help achieve the project goals.


Impact on client's business

With PwC’s help, the client made cultural and operating changes which, when coupled with new investments in technology, fundamentally changed the way the company delivers software. Today, PwC’s support continues as the redesigned product makes its way to the market in stages. In one market test, the client found a three percent improvement in customer conversion, a significant financial win given the size of the market. When the overhaul of the entire product is complete and the improved software is on the market, the client may well see even more gains.


Published 08/2013

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