Client case studies | Mitigating risk as a large Electronic Health Records (EHR) system prepares to launch

A large medical center reduced its risk exposure by conducting an implementation readiness assessment before it went live with its new electronic medical record system.

A large multispecialty academic medical center, which includes eight hospitals and additional ambulatory clinics, was finalizing the implementation of a system-wide installation of Epic EHR (Electronic Health Records) software. It would be a large and expensive undertaking, and the center’s leaders were eager to make sure that the process went smoothly, that clinicians were prepared, and that revenue and billing would be protected when the system went live.

The center engaged PwC to help conduct an implementation readiness assessment several months before the go live date. The center needed an experienced advisor who knew what the typical go-live issues are, and how to mitigate them. We brought an experienced team of Epic professionals that could independently assess the implementation program by identifying risks, suggesting mitigation strategies, and recommend leading practices.

The go-live was successful and with our guidance, and the center was able to manage physician productivity by re-focusing its Epic team on the impacted physician workflow. As a result of the launch and associated recommendations, the center was able to more accurately forecast the revenue implications they could expect with reduced provider productivity during the launch period. We thoroughly reviewed the revenue cycle continuum —the aspect that the leadership focused on most—and gave them confidence that the risks had been accounted for, and that they could focus their time and resources to achieve adoption of a successful implementation

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