Client case studies | From print to digital: leaving the silos behind and the business engaged

A leading publishing company undertook a digital transformation to re-energize their brands, save money, enable agility, and engage their customers.

With more than 25 distinct print and digital titles created on eight different content management systems (CMS), a major publishing and media company faced a big challenge. As the industry continued to evolve from print to digital, company leaders knew they would have to seek out a single leading CMS if they were to continue to leverage and grow all of their digital brands. With so many platforms in use, the company found it next to impossible to share content, technology and processes across titles, and it was limited in its ability to engage its readership through social media channels.

PwC was selected to advise the company on its CMS solution, given our knowledge of the publishing industry and the various CMS vendors operating in that space. The solution assessment process considered change management issues, the time to implement and the return on investment. Ultimately, the company selected a Drupal-based, open-source platform that allowed for modularity and cost-efficient development. The end result was a flexible framework that enables the company to launch new sites and new capabilities in a more timely and cost effective manner.

The company is now migrating from eight CMS solutions to one. It is leaving its silos behind and becoming a much more collaborative organization. Time to market for new features and ad solutions are expected to be cut from weeks or months to hours or days, and the net result will likely be a projected 30 percent savings in annual operating costs and increased competitiveness.

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