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Brand new branding

SPX—a large global industrial manufacturer—transforms its branding and web presence to better connect with customers worldwide.

"We needed leadership buy-in across 40 brands," says Jennifer Epstein, SPX’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Client challenge

SPX, a global industrial manufacturer that produces a diverse range of industrial products, from power plant cooling towers to bus fare boxes, marketed more than 100 brands under three separate operating units. While many SPX brands were complementary, customers often didn’t connect the company’s individual products to the overarching SPX name. The lack of a unified brand and the resulting business challenges led to SPX’s decision to modify the company’s branding worldwide.

Additionally, SPX realized that customers were increasingly researching and identifying products of interest through the Internet. SPX launched a sweeping “One Web Presence” initiative to migrate and consolidate the company’s brands globally.


PwC's solution

SPX chose PwC to help the company with its global branding initiative. PwC began its two-year engagement by working with SPX’s marketing and IT organizations, with the SPX Vice President of Marketing and Communications serving as the overall lead. We created a cross-functional team of PwC professionals to help develop and implement a cohesive strategy, spanning enterprise architecture, user experience, social networking, mobility, customer relationship management (CRM), search engine optimization (SEO), and content management. We leveraged our unique AnyShore model and our Global Delivery Center in China, where the global team helped develop, test and deploy the One Web Presence.


Impact on client's business

Today reflects the full suite of the company’s products and services in a unified, consistent manner—improving global brand awareness and customer perception. We also helped SPX consolidate its marketing approach to highlight 40 brands in a consistent manner—enhancing the customer experience and reinforcing the SPX brand.


Published 01/2014

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