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Feb 01, 2014

A new view on growth

How one of the world’s largest property and casualty insurers defined an innovative global growth strategy uniquely suited to its operational and category strengths.

Client challenge

Despite having operations in most of the world’s 50 largest economies, this global insurance leader had never taken a methodical approach to holistically reviewing its portfolio to identify opportunities for investment.

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PwC's solution

Although many strategic advisors would recommend a standard-issue, BRIC-based emerging markets approach for a client company with global growth ambitions our experience with the complexities and the unique delivery model requirements of the insurance industry in different world markets suggested that a more considerate approach would yield a greater likelihood of sustainable success for this client. By applying a sophisticated set of multi-level evaluation frameworks with customized empirical data PwC helped the client develop an international growth strategy tailored to the insurer’s strengths.

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Impact on client's business

PwC used its depth of industry knowledge, business strategy, economics, and analytics experience to provide innovative and knowledgeable recommendations to the client, which targeted both significant growth opportunities as well as ways for the client to redeploy their capital through a reduced market presence.

Knowing the client would need some additional perspective to aid its decision-making, PwC helped the client create an accompanying roadmap for developing the capital allocation strategy as a part of a longer-term go-to-market strategy.

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"PwC’s operational experience and insights enabled it to work with the client to achieve this significant global strategic goal in twelve weeks’ time."

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