Client case studies | Digital transformation - social/ mobile strategy

How one of the world’s "most buzzed about" brands refreshed its emotional connection with consumers by scaling a small yet mighty social media team across a large global organization.

Facing growing pressure for global markets to deliver a consistent brand experience and to reap a return on investment with social media, company executives needed a strategy to scale a global team that knew how to best deliver the brand experience online, regardless of culture or location—tweet-by-tweet, post-by-post, visually and verbally. With limited capacity to generate and share leading social media practices throughout the organization, the company found its brand’s voice eroding in the marketplace.

We recommended a dynamic “community of practice” approach to create value from existing company knowledge, by sharing leading practices and relevant experiences. Through co-creating and learning together, a community of practice establishes similar but varied standards across divergent locales.

We worked with the company’s social media leadership team to build a strategy and implementation plan for the community of practice launch, documenting processes, standards, and the team’s approach to social media execution into a global social media playbook. Additionally we developed a social media training curriculum with interactive activities and recommended technology platforms to enable global collaboration and sharing.

By making deeper emotional connections with its audience through consistent, personalized conversations on social media, the company has now earned the right to leverage its platform to offer special promotions. Today, millions of happy customers actively engage with the brand on social channels and take advantage of offers that drive foot traffic to the company’s retail cafes. Where once the company could boast only a select few social innovators, there now thrives a community of practice that captures and shares ideas using the right tools in the right way against measurable standards.

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