Client case studies | Merging financial operating models after an acquisition

A series of multi-billion-dollar acquisitions forced a large diversified manufacturing company to launch a sweeping financial integration project.

A multibillion-dollar diversified manufacturing company undertook a series of large acquisitions in order to solidify its place as a market leader, and it needed to craft a multi-year program to first integrate the acquisitions and then increase their operational performance. As a publicly traded company, it was also vital to report consolidated financial information to the SEC in a timely fashion.

Leading up to day one of the integration, we helped the client prepare plans and structures for the future state finance organization along with synergy plans and a thorough process for tracking synergy achievement and measured success. In the second year our team helped the client with developing the post-integration environment and finding additional opportunities for process improvements. Our extensive knowledge was also called on during a $1.3 billion divestiture, where we provided support through the execution of two deal closes within a business unit, essentially helping to execute a carve-out within a carve-out.

In four short years, what was a $3.5 billion company has become a $12 billion company, and our firm has been helping to facilitate that growth all along the way, improving the company’s internal processes, effectively integrating its businesses, and helping it hit its performance targets. In fact, we’ve been able to drive value and efficiencies through our People, Process, and Technology solutions that helped the company identify, achieve, and track almost $1 billion in synergies to date.

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