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Looking ahead to see how an enhanced digital experience could secure tomorrow’s customers today.

A leading wealth management provider knew that it needed to bring its business units together to shift gears as an organization in the way they deliver their brand on a digital platform. Having built their digital functionality bit by bit over time, they needed to align their technology strategy more clearly to their business strategy. They wanted to be able to shift from a three to five month outlook to a three to five year outlook.

We worked with the client team to help document and assess the current state of their digital capabilities in terms of customer experience “pain points,” how well their capabilities positioned them from a competitive standpoint, and the strengths and weaknesses of their current technology infrastructure.

On a technology level, we were able to help evaluate our client’s digital ecosystem (web, mobile/ tablet, social) from eight different architectural standpoints (development, execution, application, data, operations, network, security and integration) to provide an in-depth evaluation of their current and future need.

Once this assessment was complete, we were then able to help identify potential digital opportunities within the context of the business strategy and provide both short term and long- term recommendations for improvement.

Leaders within the organization can now see the digital platform’s role in growing their business and their brand, with a roadmap to take them there. This wealth management leader now has a benchmark of its performance against industry peers, a series of ongoing metrics to measure performance, and a quantifiable basis for introducing new digital capabilities in the future.

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