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Finding the path to a profitable digital future

A deep “digital fitness” analysis helped a large global distributor discover new ways to turn technological improvements into increased sales. 

"Chief among our recommendations was to make the sales force much more digital...while cutting some back-end costs."

Client challenge

A leading multi-billion-dollar international provider and distributor of packaging and non-food consumable products was in search of new ways to apply digital technology to several of its B2B business lines. It sought to improve its enterprise-wide inventory management and product availability with digital tools, and most important, support its field sales force personnel by putting up-to-the-minute business intelligence in their hands.


PwC's solution

PwC assembled a global team of ten Management Consulting and Digital Change advisors who had a holistic understanding of digital competencies including digital marketing, customer portals, e-commerce, sales force enablement, and mobility for both B2B and B2C. We began by conducting a series of stakeholder interviews in key business segments. We also conducted industry research and interviewed customers in several regions to access their present customer experience. With that information in hand, we applied PwC’s proprietary digital diagnostic approach to review four representative businesses within the company, assessing them against a framework of six digital maturity disciplines to determine the company’s overall “digital fitness.” Going through this exercise yielded recommendations on ways to make the sales force much more digital, providing them with both the tools and connectivity they would need to make more impactful sales calls that would help lead to increased sales while cutting some back-end costs.


Impact on client's business

Each of the businesses we analyzed has taken our recommendations and is now embedding them into local action plans. The client now views digital in a more holistic and non-siloed way and has a much better idea of what digital means in their many local markets.


Published 6/2014

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