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A new digital sales platform to target more customers

A large enterprise software company implemented an integrated digital strategy to streamline its operations, reach new customers, and achieve revenue growth. 

"The client is saving $1.5 million annually by having their digital platform function in house."

Client challenge

To reach out to a new class of potential customers of mid-range software solutions by:

  • Creating a digital sales platform featuring  easy downloading and
    e-commerce functionality
  • Positioning  the company to sell by subscription  for the first time


PwC's solution

Work collaboratively to help develop a new platform by:

  • Conducting interviews and workshops with key stakeholders to help plan the future state
  • Applying PwC’s proprietary e-commerce accelerators to help facilitate development


Impact on client's business

  • The company has saved $1.5 million annually by bringing  the sales platform in house.
  • Several thousand potential customers are visiting  monthly, and several hundred are downloading  trial software.
  • New operational efficiencies will save the company even more money going  forward. 


Published 6/2014

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