Pursuit of happiness

Juggling work and life can be messy. And chaotic.

And that’s what makes it both fulfilling and fun. In PwC's Pursuit of Happiness podcast, our goal is to demystify the idea that there’s one magic recipe to make it work, because we all have different priorities and family responsibilities—which continue to change over time.

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Jennifer Allyn, Diversity Strategy Leader

Episode 11: Overwhelmed no more: Managing your personal energy

Americans are busier than ever, but less productive, more tired, and overwhelmed with everything expected of them. What can we do to better manage our energy to live happier, healthier lives?


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"I love podcasts. The experience of listening to a story is so different from watching a video or reading a book. I'm grateful to everyone who shared their story and hope you find these podcasts as warm, immediate and illuminating as we did."

Jennifer Allyn,Diversity Strategy Leader

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