Outsmarting Human Minds

Applying insights from psychological science to help us improve the decisions we make in life and at work

Out of Sight and Into the Mind

Outsmarting Human Minds (OHM) was created by a grant from PwC to Harvard University. OHM offers learning modules for the broader public, in the form of podcasts and videos, to showcase the science of how human minds work and shape the decisions we make in the workplace and in life, more generally. Watch the videos. Listen to the podcasts. Start conversations about how to outsmart your mind!

These modules have been created by the Outsmarting Human Minds Project at Harvard University. For direct access to the Harvard site and additional materials, visit: www.outsmartinghumanminds.org

The Universe Inside

400 years ago, we began to explore the universe with simple tools, and it challenged our beliefs about our place in the universe. Are investigations of the universe inside our minds any different? An introduction by OHM Founder, Professor Mahzarin Banaji.



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Implicit Revolution

40 years ago, memory researchers showed us that amnesiacs could form new memories...implicitly. This sparked an ongoing revolution in research on the hidden mind: how it learns, how it influences us, and how it can be measured and changed.


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Going beyond the science with PwC



“At PwC, we are committed to creating leaders who act with integrity and make a difference in the world. Investing in tools to help us be introspective and mindful of our unconscious biases is one step we are taking to support our people in working better with others and to achieve their full potential.”

Tim Ryan, US Chairman and Senior Partner, PwC

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