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How we support well-being through our Career Milestone Award

It’s far too common for people in the workforce to delay taking time off for the fear of falling behind. Prioritizing well-being ahead of work can be hard in today’s “always on” culture but not doing so can take a toll on an employee's mental health, leading to a decrease in productivity and overall employee happiness. According to the Katzenbach Center, employees are willing to trade 20 to 25% of their salary for a much better work–life balance. That's why at PwC, we’re committed to giving our people the benefits and tools they need for professional development while also providing unique opportunities to support their well-being. This includes celebrating important milestones like promotions. 

One way we recognize these accomplishments is by awarding newly promoted senior managers with a four-week sabbatical through our Career Milestone benefit. 

Rebecca Hustad, a Director in Trust Solutions, spent her milestone sabbatical exploring Germany with her husband. At first, Rebecca was hesitant about taking four weeks off from work, but her team encouraged her to take the time she earned to refresh and recharge, providing assurance that work would move forward in her absence.

After her sabbatical, Rebecca returned with a renewed sense of power and potential in both herself and her team. Reflecting on the busy season she said “it was one of the best busy seasons I’ve ever had” because she felt focused and had more clarity. The time away not only improved her productivity but also helped build trust among her team –a critical component of success for any group or organization.

By supporting our people's well-being we’re encouraging them to excel both personally and professionally. As part of our New Equation strategy and ongoing investment in our people, we launched My+ in May 2022 – a three-year journey and $2.4B investment to reimagine our people experience to support their well-being, development and sense of purpose.

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