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Digital Resilience for critical business services

PwC’s Digital Resilience, an application that runs on the Terrain Insights platform, uses automation, analytics and visualization to deliver an always-current view of critical business services and the underlying IT assets required to deliver them.

This single, validated view helps align stakeholders so they can improve operational performance and resolve issues that otherwise contribute to risk. Designed to keep up with the rapid pace of technology deployment and change, Digital Resilience helps reduce the risk associated with manual, out-of-date and incomplete views of critical business services.

Visualize business service relationships

Digital Resilience provides a unique approach that combines research and automation to establish a rich, visual depiction of critical business services. Unlike traditional telemetry-based monitoring, Digital Resilience supports a top-down approach, focused on the specific technology entities and relationship definitions that are indicative of business service resilience. This includes applications, middleware, infrastructure, people and more.

Measure and manage resilience

Digital Resilience provides a powerful scoring mechanism that lets you measure and manage the resilience of your critical business services. This business-centric view allows stakeholders in IT, lines of business, cyber security and beyond to quickly identify and remediate issues before they impact business operations.

Intuitive dashboards provide insights for making better, targeted resource decisions. Data-driven visualization helps establish an authoritative recovery state, so that key dependencies can be established more efficiently should a disruption cause an outage. This helps expedite recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Analytics for business service resilience

Terrain Insights provides continuous analysis of the IT environment to help stakeholders identify and eliminate entities that are redundant, out of date, and/or exhibit rogue characteristics. Risks are automatically identified through anomaly detection and behavior analytics. Notifications are sent to stakeholders for visibility and remediation.

Today, only 15% of CEOs strongly agree their company can withstand cyberattacks and recover quickly.

PwC's Fall 2018 Digital Trust Insights survey

The Terrain Insights platform helps reduce the business impact of disruption

Analytics engine

Powerful analytics, such as behavioral analysis, help automate manual time-consuming tasks, such as change detection and behavioral classification.

Hybrid storage and retrieval architecture

Purpose-built relational and graph databases help power analytics that enable teams to gain deeper insights and visibility across their IT ecosystem.

Always-current repository

An evergreen repository of what powers your critical business services provides confidence that business decisions are made based on the true current state of your IT environment.

Data model + business context

The flexible ontology enables businesses to leverage our platform for multiple use cases, all with a business-centric focus.

Relationship mapping

Automated mapping helps teams systematically validate and uncover relationships and dependencies.

Query engine

Natural language querying significantly reduces the effort needed to access exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it.


The interactive graph explorer makes it easy to see the full picture and to filter and pivot on key elements and relationships.

Cloud Native

Cloud-based technology provides a secure and highly scalable environment to power an extensible platform that can grow with your team’s needs.

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