Simplifying sales tax for fast-growing businesses

With the explosive growth of e-commerce followed by the US Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, finance leaders at fast-growing companies are left wondering what their companies’ sales tax exposure really is. They may think they’re in compliance, but how do they know they’re collecting in each state for which they are required and are complying accurately, on-time and without underpaying or overpaying?

Introducing TaxVerse

TaxVerse makes it easy to take a proactive, strategic view of sales tax obligations. It’s a cloud-based platform that automatically determines where companies may trigger sales tax nexus and informs them exactly where, when and how they can comply via intuitive taxability dashboards.

TaxVerse also helps companies be confidently compliant by leveraging PwC’s expertise in managing sales tax compliance across every US state, from registering to filing returns and remitting payments—accurately, simply and cost-effectively.


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"Sales tax across multiple states is such a headache. Even finding each state’s website links to register and comply is a difficult and time-consuming task."

Nick CurrierCFO, Packback

TaxVerse benefits

Worry less

With TaxVerse, companies don’t need to worry about unknown sales tax liabilities. They know ahead of time where, when and why to comply with regulations across all 50 states.

Strategize more

Savvy financial leaders recognize the importance of a proactive tax strategy. TaxVerse tells them when activities like hiring or business travel in another state may trigger nexus, so they can make decisions with full awareness of the tax implications.

Skip the paperwork

Fast-growing businesses find it challenging to register and file accurately and on time with multiple states, let alone master the regulations to optimize their obligations. That’s why TaxVerse does it all for them with the expertise of PwC.


TaxVerse modules


TaxVerse Exposure proactively monitors where sales tax nexus may be triggered by a variety of business activities, not just sales. Intuitive dashboards give finance leaders a holistic view so they can take more informed actions.

Key features

  • Automated nexus determination across all 50 states
  • Instant sales tax exposure estimates
  • Step-by-step taxability questionnaire
  • Sales and invoice data uploaded from any system
  • Quickbooks Online real-time integration


TaxVerse Compliance is a full-service solution that simplifies and automates sales tax compliance for every state, all from one app and with PwC’s market-leading expertise.

Key features

  • Full-service sales tax compliance across all 50 states
  • State-by-state tax registration
  • Accurate sales tax return preparation
  • Timely, automatic tax return filing
  • Automated payment and remittance

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