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Navigating regulations can be difficult, but RegRanger makes it easier. This enterprise-grade software solution is designed specifically for regulated industries, providing access to regulatory and compliance information as well as proprietary insights based on our extensive PwC expertise. With a focus on the healthcare payer and pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, RegRanger helps users understand regulatory information faster so they can make better business decisions more quickly and confidently.


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Healthcare regulations are increasingly complex and constantly evolving. Keeping your organization compliant gets more difficult every day. And it’s not surprising, as there have been over 130 healthcare and life science regulations finalized since 2016, resulting in about 24 million hours in total paperwork spent by organizations that are just trying to stay in adherence.1

In the payer part of the industry, there are often daily email updates that supersede formal regulations, so it’s easy to see why there have been approximately $14B in penalties in the US since 2000. In the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, it can take 10 to 15 years to develop a medicine or vaccine with current technology and regulatory protocols. However, those rules aren’t always clear, which has led to approximately $39B in penalties in the US since 2000.2

“I wish I would have had access to this two weeks ago.”

Associate Director of Global Auditing for a Global Pharmaceutical Organization

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Optimize information

Break down siloed outlets so you can track and organize content in a standardized, easy-to-use framework.

Gain insights faster

Quickly summarize and clarify the key themes and requirements of compliance and regulatory documents.

See the bigger picture

Take advantage of custom analysis tools to understand trends driven by regulation activity.

Streamline workflows

Increase collaboration and improve accountability across internal stakeholders.

Take advantage of industry expertise

Access market-leading healthcare risk and regulatory information from PwC.

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  • Faster access to regulatory content
  • Quicker answers through leading practices, popular questions, and summaries
  • Improved monitoring of regulatory activity
  • Reduced cost over manual, outsourced, and antiquated legacy technology


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