Digital platform for franchises

You don’t have to be an expert to get great results from digital marketing. Our digital marketing platform for franchises is an all-in-one solution, right in the palm of your hand.

In just three clicks, you can preview, customize and launch ad campaigns across multiple platforms to help keep your business thriving today and tomorrow.

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No digital expertise required
  • Choose from a menu of preloaded campaigns
  • Launch in three clicks
  • Reach new customers and find more revenue
Results and insights all in one place
  • View campaign performance from all channels at once
  • See what’s working
  • Resolve problems quickly
Get more from your marketing dollars
  • Customize ads for your local market
  • Launch pre-defined campaigns that work
  • Connect to other owners to optimize over time


Better brand awareness

As a franchise, you can connect your entire network to easily manage marketing campaigns and view performance data from every location.

  • Monitor brand compliance and consistency across the network
  • Lower marketing costs compared to traditional marketing methods
  • Identify best practices and share insights


Easy-to-use solution for launching campaigns

You'll get access to preloaded digital marketing campaigns, reducing time spent selecting images and targeting.

  • Save time by launching campaigns on-the-go from mobile or desktop
  • Reach customers on all major online channels with just three clicks
  • Track performance with simple dashboards to ensure marketing dollars are spent the right way
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