Boarding Pass: An employee engagement platform

Engage your employees throughout their journeys

Introduction to Boarding Pass

PwC Boarding Pass is an employee engagement platform for designing and delivering interactive experiences. With advanced technologies such as machine learning and chatbots, Boarding Pass guides each employee through a personalized onboarding experience—one that boosts productivity and drives retention.

Managers can use Boarding Pass to track progress, measure sentiments and continually optimize processes, as well as engage employees through collaboration tools like Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts. Whether employees are new to your organization, starting a different role or going through another transition, Boarding Pass makes it easier.

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How it works


When a new hire joins, Boarding Pass pulls information from their candidate profile in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to create a personalized onboarding plan. By mapping ATS profile attributes (e.g. title, role, department and region), creating and managing an onboarding plan becomes an automated and scalable process.


The Boarding Pass chatbot interface guides the new hire through every step of their onboarding journey, provides immediate answers to questions and can bring in live help when needed. Our chatbot notifies new hires of activities at the right time for a more fluid experience. Steps like signing up for benefits, setting up payroll and completing compliance or skills training have never been easier.


As a new hire begins onboarding activities, the hiring manager and onboarding coordinator can add additional activities to the onboarding plan that are specific to their team or project. Activities, such as recommended skills training, reading materials, videos to watch and setting up meetings can be quickly added, and monitored for completion. This helps get the new hire up-to-speed with the team’s goals and enables quicker time-to-productivity. Onboardees also have the opportunity to provide feedback and rate their experience along the way.


Hiring managers and onboarding coordinators can use Boarding Pass’ real-time analytics dashboard to view in-progress onboarding workflows and observe onboardees’ progress, any missed due dates and their sentiments (based on survey results.)


Onboarding coordinators and hiring managers can use the insight gained via the analytics dashboard to pinpoint potential issues, reach out to an new hire who may need help or address issues with particular onboarding activities. It can also help them further optimize the overall onboarding process for the current and future hires.

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Onboarding that puts employees first

Your company’s success starts with your employees. Enable their success by starting with Boarding Pass, which enables:

Personalized experience

Role-based and personalized experience for onboardees.

Reduced turnover

Get employees connected and engaged to reduced turnover and increase loyalty.

Quicker time-to-productivity

Convert new hires to contributors quickly with a shorter time spent on onboarding.

Increased HR efficiency

Easily define and maintain onboarding workflows.

Seamless integration

Automate your onboarding by integrating with your ATS and HCM apps.

More visibility

Hiring managers and HR gain visibility and insight into the onboarding of their teams.

Organizations with highly engaged employees experience 22% greater profitability, 21% greater productivity and up to 65% less turnover

Source: Gallup - State of the American Workplace Report
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