Andrea Fishman

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Partner, TMT Tech-Enabled Experience Transformation | Chicago
Why PwC

PwC provides a foundation for growth, both personally and professionally. In terms of technology, we are making significant investments in our Emerging Tech Lab and Digital Experience Center, which provide access to cutting-edge technologies. We also provide an amazing amount of ongoing training, educational support, coaching and mentorship, which is very unique.  

A day in the life

My day is primarily dedicated to client service.  Whether developing a digital strategy, advising on platform selection, or designing a new app, our focus in on innovation through technology. I need to be aware of trends and changes in the market to maintain my role as a strategic advisor. The other part of my day is spent coaching and developing my team. I am inspired by the talent in our firm and enjoy the opportunity to provide guidance and mentorship.


Curiosity is critical to your growth and development - testing new theories, technologies, and industries will make you stronger and your perspective more well rounded. Build and maintain your network. Both formal and informal coaching and mentors will are vital to your success. Finally, find balance outside of work. 

Andrea Fishman

“Don't be afraid to push the boundaries, find comfort in the uncomfortable.”

Andrea Fishman, Partner, TMT Tech-Enabled Experience Transformation

Technology tips

  • Share knowledge within your team and leverage analyst relationships
  • Follow companies on Twitter to get headlines

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Mitra Best

Mitra Best

Principal, Strategic Innovation & Technology, PwC US

Andrea  Fishman

Andrea Fishman

Principal, TMT Tech-Enabled Experience Transformation, PwC US

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Shannon Schuyler

Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer, PwC US

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